Aerial Photography Services

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES : Aerial photography is considered as the art of taking pictures or making videos from a prominent position. Aerial photography has various platforms. It comprises helium blimps, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) etc. Mounted cameras are triggered on automated basis or remotely.

Our organization is using modern and latest drones. We are having highly qualified professionals flying drones, offering quality services. We have experience in offering services of helicopter or aircraft, drones to different corporations and government bodies, all over USA.

We offer services for close range aerial photographs, video and film making. Having several years of experience, we are experts in making films, commercials and TV productions. As per your needs and budget, we are able to operate with cameras ranging from HD Canon 5D mk3 to 6K RED Epic.

Our services includes planning in advance, the essential equipments, insurance, 6K camera with Zeiss lenses, video assistance wireless and team of few people. All the team members having years of remote flying experience. The equipment available fits in the flight cases and able to shoot within 15 minutes of arrival.